Explanation of Terms

Since this blog is dedicated to all things horror and contains a few “feature” pieces that have rather confusing names, we thought we’d dedicate a page to explaining the various categories and terms used on the site. First of all, we recommend using the “widget” to navigate between categories of interest. You’ll find it in the top right hand corner of the page and it looks like just three straight lines. Aesthetically stimulating it is not, useful it is. You can use this widget to navigate between different types of blog posts on the site and see our most popular or most recently published articles. Some of the categories are pretty self-explanatory, while others can be a little misleading. So, without further ado, here’s the explanation of terms:

Film: Posts about horror films and short films. Please tell us you knew this.

Television: These posts focus on horror television shows.

Video Gaming: A section dedicated to the creepiest of horror games. Again, if your IQ is higher than your age then you should know this.

Literature: Writing about writing, in the most basic sense of the word. Horror writing, to be more specific. If you didn’t guess that, you probably don’t do all that much reading anyway, so this section probably isn’t for you.

Cartoons: One of the lesser used categories specifically for cartoons or cartoon mediums, such as comic books, that have inspired readers with fear for generations.

Anime/Manga: We all known our Japanese cousins love their horror, so this section is devoted to animes and mangas that have given us sleepless nights.

Remake Me Over: In these posts, we’ll be comparing a work of horror art to one (or more) of its remakes. This includes remakes of old movies, remakes of foreign movies, remakes of novels into movies, and remakes of video games into movies. Because some things apparently just weren’t good enough the first time around.

Malicious Myths: We’ve always been fascinated by urban legends and monstrous figures, so each of these posts will be focused on one canonical horror figure. We’ll delve into their origins, appearance, significance, and modern-day usage. This will be the only regularly scheduled post, taking place every third week.

Historical Horror: Though there will be no regularly scheduled posts of this kind, these articles will be dedicated to horrifyingly true historical accounts, be they solved or unexplained.

Fantastic Phobias: The notion of fear and how it acts as a driving force in our lives is what drew us to the horror genre. This category will plunge into the wonderful world of phobias, explaining and dissecting them, from the sublimely common to the ridiculously irrational.

Haunt the House: The clue’s in the name when it comes to this one. These segments will all be about famous haunted places, be they houses, forests, hotels, amusement parks, or even the odd bathroom. Heck, we might even throw a haunted cattery in there for good measure.

Other: Anything that doesn’t fit into the above categories.

Hopefully that’ll help you navigate the pages a little more easily and enhance your exploration of the bizarre, the brutal, the beautiful, and the bestial that can all be found In the Dark Air.


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