My Top 10 Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2015: Part I

From Sinister 2 and Insidious: Chapter 3 through to Poltergeist, Amityville: The Awakening and yet another Paranormal Activity movie, 2015 appears to be the year of the sequels, prequels and remakes. In light of the sudden lack of imagination plaguing our upcoming horror titles, I’ve compiled a list of 10 new IPs that are sure to whet your appetite for fear. With slashers, sci-fi, creature features, and psychological horror, there’s something for everyone this year. Though many of these films are still doing the festival rounds, some of them have already been digitally released and a fair few have even enjoyed a limited cinematic release in the United States.

Note: As I haven’t seen any of these films yet, there are no spoilers here other than what I’ve gleaned from their respective trailers.

  1. Infini

Of all the horror subgenres (and there are so very many), sci-fi horror has to be one of my favourites. So when I first saw the trailer for Infini, a film resplendently reminiscent of both the video game Dead Space and the original Alien movie, I practically drooled all over my laptop. It follows a search-and-rescue team who have been sent to an off-world mining facility known as Infini to rescue the lone survivor of a biological outbreak. Yet it soon becomes apparent that this disease, whatever it may be, has given these space miners more than just a case of the sniffles. The greatest threat to the crew, as the trailer coyly hints, is “each other”.

Okay, so it’s basically just Dead Space. But what’s so wrong with that? I loved the Dead Space games and the thought of watching an entire movie just like them fills my dead space (by which I mean the cold dark place where my heart used to be) with butterflies. If that isn’t enough to tempt you, then watch the trailer for Infini here.

  1. Nina Forever

If I’m perfectly honest, when I first saw the trailer for Nina Forever I really had no idea how I felt about it. It was quirky, it was novel, it had one of the worst one-liners I’ve ever heard, but was it totally convincing? After watching it a further few times I can firmly say: I still have absolutely no idea. But I’m definitely intrigued, and that’s something. Nina Forever is about Rob; a man who unsuccessfully tries to commit suicide after his long-term girlfriend is killed in a car crash.

As time passes, his wounds begin to heal and he engages in a budding romance with co-worker Holly. The two finally go to bed, passionately committed to one another, but their intimacy is swiftly interrupted by the twisted corpse of Nina, Rob’s dead girlfriend, who appears to have climbed out of their sheets. So begins a vicious cycle where every time Rob and Holly try to have sex, the figure of Nina appears to berate and torment them. And you thought your sex life was terrible. If you’re as intrigued by Nina Forever as I am, watch the trailer here.

  1. Estranged

I’m a bit of a nerd, which is my grossly understated way of saying I’m a massive nerd. So when I heard that James Cosmo, the man behind Game of Thrones’ quietly powerful Jeor Mormont, was going to star in an upcoming horror movie, I grabbed my Stark emblazoned mug of tea and settled down to watch the trailer for Estranged. And I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed. The film is about a young girl named January who suffers a near fatal accident and is forced to return home after a six-year absence spent travelling.

Accompanied by her boyfriend, she’s wheelchair bound and appears to be experiencing near total amnesia, having completely forgotten why she left or what her childhood was like. As she struggles to uncover the truth behind what made her leave, the thin façade her “caring” family have attempted to preserve starts to crack. Although I think the trailer gives a little too much away, the claustrophobic atmosphere and the pervading sense of dread is undeniable. If you fancy having a gander for yourself, or simply want to see James Cosmo out of that Lord Commander’s outfit (awww yeah), then watch the trailer for Estranged here.

  1. The Suffering

Before you ask, this movie is not about Kim Kardashian’s yoga pants, long suffering though they may be. The Suffering is about a property appraiser who is asked by a polite elderly gentleman to take a look at a rural farm he owns. This seems innocuous enough but, on arrival, our real estate expert is confronted with horrors that are beyond his comprehension. As he desperately battles to break free or, at the very least, find out what is going on, we follow as the world he has entered slowly descends further and further into madness. Alice (or should I say Alicio?) has well and truly tumbled down the rabbit hole and all of the mushrooms in the world won’t be enough to bring him back.

That being said, when I first read the synopsis for the film I wasn’t entirely convinced. A man is asked to stay overnight in a spooky isolated house, you say? Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Yet after watching the trailer, which was far better than it had any right to be, I was hooked. Aside from one rather lame duck jump scare, the trailer’s use of sound, the build of nervous tension, the intrigue, and the sheer irksome creepiness of it all got under my skin in all the right ways (again, awww yeah). If you fancy becoming one of The Suffering (and no, I don’t mean Nicki Minaj’s underwear), then watch the trailer here.

  1. Dark was the Night

This seemingly by-the-numbers creature feature took the Screamfest Horror Film Festival by storm last year but, for whatever reason, has yet to see an official release. Dark was the Night follows the story of Sheriff Paul Shields, played by the stoically enigmatic Kevin Durand, as he struggles to protect his community and his family from an evil lurking in the forest outside the sleepy town of Maiden Woods. The trailer at first appears to be your standard, there’s-something-in-the-trees, oh-god-it’s-eating-me kind of monster movie but the subtle hints at Shields’ shadowy past and the looming threat of mental illness point towards a darker possibility.

Yet it was not so much the storyline that impressed me as the calibre of acting. In the short trailer alone, the believability and generally likeability of the characters can already be felt. Gone are the painfully attractive high school students whose survival instincts are matched only by their IQ. Gone are the creepy redneck stereotypes that ominously play their banjos and lick their lips as you pass by. All that is left are real small town Americans struggling with a very real evil; though the nature of that evil is up to you to discover. If you want to see just how Dark was the Night, then watch the trailer here.

So which of these up-and-comers gives you the chills? What upcoming horror titles are you most looking forward to? And what do you think will make it into our Top 5? Please let us know in the comments.

Thanks go to blogs Rhino’s Horror and Big Gay Horror Fan for introducing me to several of these fantastic trailers.

My Top 10 Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2015: Part I

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